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What's our first Policy of Membership?
Have Fun, Make Art!!

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  • COMMUNITY MEMBER   $50 annual dues (CM) (Community members who want to support area artists.) Receive our monthly e-newsletter “4 Members Only” and member prices on workshops and open competition fees.
  • SUPPORTING ORGANIZATION   $100 annual dues (SO) (Organizations that want to support area artists.) Includes Community Members benefits plus a link on our website and listing in the monthly newsletters.
Exhibiting Memberships: Four types of membership include the opportunity to exhibit in juried members-only shows.
ONLY EXHIBITING MEMBERS are eligible for a 10% discount on works purchased at either gallery.
  • EXHIBITING MEMBER   $125 annual dues (EM) Exhibiting Members are expected to take an active interest in the BAA and galleries and to perform volunteer duties. You are expected to volunteer at least 3 hours per month or 36 hours annually. You are responsible for recording your hours in a logbook at either gallery.  Includes CM benefits.  Gallery participation is determined by compliance with BAA Rules and Regulations.  You will be included in the Artists' Directory on our website, with a link to your own website.
  • EXHIBITING CONTRIBUTOR - $240 annual dues (EC) Includes benefits of Exhibiting Members but are exempt from volunteer hours.
  • YOUTH MEMBERSHIP   $50 annual dues (YM) (Anyone 17-21 years of age.) Youth Members are expected to take an active interest in the BAA and galleries and to perform volunteer duties. You are expected to volunteer at least 18 hours annually. You are responsible for recording your hours in a logbook at either gallery. Includes CM benefits. Gallery participation is determined by compliance with BAA Rules and Regulations.  
  • TRIAL MEMBERSHIP - $45 for any three (3) consecutive months (TM).Member can exhibit and is not expected but is encouraged to volunteer.


Exhibiting Members (EM and EC) of the Buenaventura Art Association shall enjoy all of the privileges and be subject to all of the obligations of a Community Member, but shall have the additional privileges and responsibilities set forth in this policy statement.

1.Volunteering:  An EM shall donate at least 3 hours per month to the BAA and/or gallery.  YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR CONTACTING THE GALLERY TO VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME!  Any EM who has not fulfilled volunteer hours by the end of membership year will be charged the EC rate for the next membership year.

2.Each ARTIST EXHIBITOR agrees to release and hold Buenaventura Art Association and each gallery harmless from and against any loss, damage, theft or injury to artwork displayed pursuant to this statement unless such loss, damage, injury or theft is the result of the intentional misconduct of the BAA or gallery.

3.Exhibiting: A piece of artwork may NOT be exhibited in each gallery more than once a year!

4.Solo Shows: Exhibiting members may submit proposals for solo shows at the downtown gallery only after six (6) months of membership.

5.Bookkeeping:  Gallery accounts are checked by a professional bookkeeper and by a certified public accountant.  Artist’s checks are sent out on the tenth (10th) of the month following the month of the sale of the artwork. See current artist sales.  However, in the case of off-site locations (Community Memorial Hospital, Ventura Visitors & Convention Bureau) checks are issued in the month following the receipt of a check from that location.  Artists may have to wait 60 days from the date of sale (i.e,  a piece sold June 2 is paid Aug. 10).  If member owes money to the association, that amount will be subtracted from artist’s check.
    The BAA is registered and supervised by the State Commission of Charitable Trusts and has a non-profit status with the Internal Revenue Service.


1.All submitted pieces shall be original works of art; no copies, reprints or teacher-supervised works are eligible.
2.All work must be priced for sale. No NFS (not for sale).
3. Entry of new work and removal of expired work will occur simultaneously approximately every two months. With the exception of some special shows, member shows are juried.  (Dates to be published in the e-newsletter and on the website.)  
4. Artwork will remain in the galleries until the end of the exhibit.  A vacancy from rented/sold work may be filled by the artist. All entries are via the online entry system on our website,
5. All work must have strong, securely fastened wires: no “sawtooth” hangers, string, thin wire or plastic will be accepted.  Plain frames and white or light mats are recommended for the galleries.  Professional plexiglass (plastic) boxes with wood backings and standard wiring are acceptable.  


1.Entry Fees – Member Shows:  The galleries shall charge the following entry fees per member show (Open competition fees may vary. Entry fees are subject to change.)
    a)$2.50 per submitted entry and
    b)$10 per piece for the first three pieces and $7.50 for each additional piece, any size, any medium, no limit.

2.  Entry Fees – Community Memorial Hospital:  BAA operates a community exhibit space at CMH which is open to members and non-members. Entry fees are:
    a)$2.50 per submitted entry and
    b)$5 per piece for up to six pieces

3.Bin Art:  $45 annual fee for artwork placed in artists’ bins. Artist may file up to ten (10) items at the Buenaventura Gallery and up to ten (10) items at the Harbor Village Gallery in bins at any time.  Artwork in bins is rotated every four months. Card rack is included in bin fee and cannot be separate. Card racks are at BVG, HVG, and at the Ventura Visitors & Convention Bureau (VVCB). Please see the Bin Policies and Artisan Store Policies for more information.

4.Artist Listing on Website:  All exhibiting members have a searchable listing and artist profile on our website included in the cost of membership. Members are welcome to fill out all of the information, including medium, genre, bio, and other information that describes your work. Contact information, one small photo, and a link to your website are included at your discretion. For an additional $25 you may upload unlimited photos of your artwork in up to 3 albums. All information is uploaded and maintained by the artist through your online membership account and password. It is not BAA's responsibility to maintain your profile. Web photo albums are paid annually.

5.Commissions:  Beginning May 15, 2013, a 40% commission is reserved for BAA from members’ gallery and CMH sales.  Non-members’ commission is 50% for open competition and CMH sales. Any piece sold over the BAA website is subject to a 10% commission. Ten percent shall be paid to BAA for referrals to an artist for commissions or studio visits resulting in a sale.

6.Rental Art:  The galleries add a $10 handling fee to the artist’s rental amount, payable by the patron upon rental.
Solo Shows  (Contact the exhibition chair)
    Solo shows are juried by a committee once a year.  Any member in good standing of at least six months may submit artwork (through our online entry system during call for solo artists).  The artist sends out invitations, sponsors a reception, and may use the BAA bulk mail permit at his or her own expense.  At the Buenaventura Gallery, BAA sends out publicity and designs a banner for a fee of $110.
Gallery Art Rental Program (At the Buenaventura Gallery only.)
    We encourage members to make their work available for rent, as this is a valuable selling tool.  A customer who lives with a piece for two months is more likely to purchase it.  In that event, the artist’s portion of the rent is applied to the purchase price.

Cultural Arts Programs
    Free, minimal cost or fee-based lectures, demonstrations and workshops are scheduled on art-related topics.  See our calendar or website for more information. ( Contact the workshop chair for requests or referrals.

Annual Competitions

    Open to BAA members and all artists.  Numerous awards and cash prizes are awarded.  A prospectus is posted on the website, published in the e-newsletter and available at the gallery prior to entry day.

    Once a year, local galleries and artists organize an ArtWalk with downtown merchants that attracts thousands of art lovers to the downtown area.  Buenaventura Gallery is a cornerstone in this event, and invites the public to a reception.

First Fridays Ventura Gallery Crawl
    The first Friday of every month, Buenaventura Gallery joins other galleries/studios in Ventura with special events or receptions. The BG is open until 8pm on FFV.

Merit Awards
    Each bimonthly membership show at the galleries is juried by a different juror who gives 3-5 Merit Awards to works deemed to be outstanding. Winners of merit awards receive a free entry for the next member show.

    BAA is a registered nonprofit corporation. Fundraisers help to raise money for BAA’s operating costs. Members may donate work to the gallery for this fundraiser.  We also rely heavily on income from dues, entry fees, and rent from the tenant cafe to meet escalating expenses, as well as the sale and rental of artwork.

Buenaventura Gallery History

    A founding member, Clophine Dooley, willed the BAA her entire estate amounting to approximately $400,000 for the express purpose of purchasing a permanent gallery. The Buenaventura Gallery on Santa Clara Street opened in October 1990.

    Buenaventura Art Association gives out scholarships from the proceeds of grants and fundraisers to Ventura County college art students in an annual competition called the Emerging Artists’ Cup.  In addition, free memberships and free entry fees are awarded to up to 18 winners.

Artisan Store Policies: Artisan Store Policies apply to both galleries unless noted. 
As a Member of Buenaventura Art Association (BAA) you have agreed to our liability policies. This agreement includes Artisan Store items. This statement releases and holds BAA harmless from and against any loss, damage,theft or injury to your artwork displayed unless such loss,damage, injury or theft is the result of the intentional misconduct of the BAA
Inventory Binder: Artists input each item they bring in for the Artisan Store by title, description, price and date on an inventory sheet kept in the Artisan Store Inventory Binder at the Harbor Village Gallery. These sheets are not used by BAA to track sales but are an important reference for gallery hosts.  Item numbers are optional and for the artist’s convenience only.  Artists are responsible for updating inventory sheet when items have been sold or removed.

Tags & Labels:
All items must be labeled or tagged. Artist’s name, item title, and price, must be included. If this info is not legible or present, then the sale will not be credited to the artist. Please be sure your labels or tags are clearly legible and attractive.  THIS IS THE MOST IMPORTANT POLICY!

Rotating Inventory: Artisans must remove items not sold within four months, and replace them with new work. The Artisan Store Committee may remove items from display that remain beyond four months.  

Displays:  All displays must accommodate other artists work. Including, but not limited to:  jewelry racks, card racks, baskets, boxes, boards, bowls, etc.  Small personal displays are allowed, but are subject to the ‘Rotation Policies’.

  • Special Displays:  Large displays or a display containing numerous items must request an appointment with the BAA staff or HVG Artisan Store Committee Chair or designated alternate for approval prior to placement in the Artisan Store.

Packaging: Each Item must have legible labels (name, price & info of piece) and No Ziploc Bags!

  • Bin Art: Must be covered with protective wrapping and include a hard backing (cardboard or foam core board).  
  • Cards:  Must be wrapped individually or in packs with protective wrapping.  
  • Jewelry: Pieces can be placed on shared displays, or packaged individually (boxed).  All jewelry packaging on display must be attractive and good quality.  
  • Other:  Not all items require packaging such as textiles, ceramics, small framed art, and other items.  If packaging is offered it must be attractive and in good quality.

Item Limits:  The Artisan Store Committee and BAA staff has authority to determine item space availability and may adjust the item limit periodically.

  • Bin Art:  Unframed, matted prints or originals. A maximum of 10 pieces of bin art may be displayed per artist.
  • Cards/Postcards: Maximum of 21 card units. One unit is defined as one individual card or one package of five cards. No more than 3 units of the same card. Each package may include up to 5 cards. No more than five 5-package units per artist.
  • Jewelry:  Maximum of 5 jewelry sets or large displays. A limit of 25 pieces of jewelry per artisan..  
  • Textiles/Leather /Ceramic/Wood/Other:  A maximum of 10 pieces of textile/leather/ceramic/wood/misc work.
  • Framed Art (HVG only): Frame shall not exceed 8 inches in any direction.  The number of framed works each artist may display is flexible, depending on space availability but a maximum of 192 square inches (frame) or 5 pieces.